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Free Radical Records

"Radical: atom or molecule that bears an unpaired electron and is extremely reactive, capable of engaging in rapid chain reactions that destabilize other molecules and generate many more free radicals"

The Free Radical Project finds its origins in the underground outdoor party scene of South Africa. It was here that Free Radical Records was born! Playing at and making parties all over South Africa and bringing exciting new tunes to the South African party scene for several years from the late 90s before relocating to Europe. These early years were the foundation of the Label and is what has taken the project to where it is today.

Free Radical Records currently exists mainly in cyberspace, transcending geographic and temporal boundaries as its creators and artists shift continents and timezones. Temporary headquarters have relocated UK until further notice

Free Radical Records always enjoyed the similarity of our vibrations no matter where in the world we came from!!! This is definitely something the Free Radical Project wants to help promote. Free Radical Records intends to tap into the bountiful supply of talent on the underground scene and bring the best, most kicking and ultimately danceable tunes into our lives!!!
Tested On Aliens
Tested On Aliens
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